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    image of a lightning that can cause home power surge. Wieser Electric offers home power surge protection services in Kingston, Ontario. contact us to learn more.

    Whole Home Surge Protection

    Imagine a volt of electricity so strong that in less than a second you would lose every electronic in your home. Your fridge would stop working, your computer would be fried, and every plug would be dead. Sound impossible? If only that were true. Unfortunately, this is called a power surge, and is a common problem.

    When you think of a power surge, you may think of lightning hitting your house. Yes, this can cause surges, but there are other things that are much more common. So many things use electricity in your house, from your dryer to your computer, and they have a lot of voltage flowing through them. It’s almost like a pressure. Sometimes, these currents of voltage can fluctuate, resulting in a small but dangerous surge. You don’t always notice the damage at first, but over time plugs quit working or fuses go out.

    Fortunately, there is a way to protect your home. Whole home surge protection is an easy way to prevent damage to these devices. Whole house suppressors get wired into the electrical panel, and only take a few hours for an electrician to complete the service. While these don’t safe guard your home one hundred percent, they are very effective and can save you thousands in the long run.

    Protect your home and contact Wieser Electric at 613-985-0046. We proudly service Kingston and the surrounding area. You can also use our online request form to submit an appointment request..

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