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    Sauna Wiring

    Ahhhhhh…a home sauna. Sounds like something a movie star would have in their home doesn’t it? Well prepare to be a movie star then…as Wieser Electrical can hook you up with luxury! Saunas are a great way to relax, improve your health and add value and luxury to your home, and it might not be as expensive as you might think.

    The options for home saunas are numerous, so a Sauna dealer will help you decide which model will be best suited, for your needs. Once your decision has been made on what sauna is best for you and your needs, Wieser Electric can help wire it up!

    Wieser Electric can install the electric to your new sauna. We will make sure your sauna is installed correctly and that all the electrical components, such as wiring, piping and breakers are installed to code. 99% of the time you won’t see any of the electric that Wieser Electric has installed for your new home sauna. Our master electricians can install wiring in walls, without doing any damage to your walls or the ceiling.

    Relaxing in your sauna is easy, but you also can relax knowing that when you contact us your electrical work will be installed right the first time. So give Kingston’s favourite electricians at Wieser Electric a contact today for all of your electrical needs at 613-985-0046. You can also use our online request form to submit an appointment request.

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