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    Landscape Lighting

    Do you ever get tired of looking at a drab lawn? Do you have a pet that you can’t find in your yard at night? Maybe you want to spotlight that old oak tree that you love so much. These are just a few reasons to consider having an electrician install landscape lighting.

    Often times when you think of landscape lighting, you think of garishly lit lawns. However, it can be used to create subtle highlights. A skilled electrician can make recommendations on where the lighting should go. Landscape lighting is a simple yet effective way to bring elegance and safety to your yard. Not only does it showcase plants and create a nice atmosphere, but it also increases visibility. Electricians can easily install lighting anywhere in your yard. Many times solar lighting can be used, saving you an electric bill and wiring costs.

    So add some light to your yard today and contact Wieser Electric at 613-985-0046. We proudly service Kingston and the surrounding area. You can also use our online request form to submit an appointment request.

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