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    Are you looking for the convenience of a home generator without having to upgrade to a whole home generator? Are you wanting to make more efficient use of your portable generator? Than GenerLink™ is just the answer for you!

    GenerLink™ is a small device that is installed at your electric meter. When connected to a portable generator, GenerLink™ provides auxiliary power to your home while automatically disconnecting you from the electric utility preventing the possibility of an electric back feed, which can damage equipment, and puts hydro workers at risk of electrocution.

    GenerLink™ is designed and rated to connect directly to a standard household electric service of 200 amps or less. So all you have to do to operate equipment using your generator is flip a breaker on after the generator is connected and operating.

    For more information on GenerLink™ please contact Wieser Electric at 613-985-0046 and also feel free to visit GenerLink™ at www.generlink.com.

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