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    Fuse Box Upgrades

    Is your fuse constantly blowing? And we don’t mean your temper! However we understand if your fuse blows because your fuses are blowing! Do you have to keep changing out these old electrical fuses with new ones? If so, then Wieser Electric says it is time for a new one.

    In this day and age there is no way to compare a fuse box to an electric panel that has circuit breakers. Just safety alone that the Modern Circuit Breaker Panels provide should say enough, but lets take a look at a couple of reason why you should upgrade your current panel:

    • Reduce the chance of an electrical fire.
    • Eliminate doubled-up circuits.
    • Eliminate the need to replace fuses, or the chance to install the wrong size of fuse, which is a common fire hazard.
    • Capacity to add additional circuits in the future.
    • Increase the resale value of your home.
    • Be able to get homeowner’s insurance.

    By upgrading your old, outdated fuse box, it will ensure that you get the most out of your home’s electrical system and help avoid electrical hazards.

    So contact Wieser Electric today at 613-985-0046. We proudly service Kingston and the surrounding area. You can also use our online request form to submit an appointment request.

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