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    Child Proof Receptacles

    There are a lot of dangerous things in this world that we don’t want to harm our children and one of them is electricity. There is no doubt that electricity can be dangerous to our loved ones. It can cause harm such as electrical shock, electrical burn, electrocution and fires. While that may scare you we want you to know electricity doesn’t have to be dangerous. When the electrical wiring is installed correctly by a licensed electrical expert, then many of these hazards become void.

    If your home was built before 2012 we suggest that you contact the licensed electrical experts at Wieser Electric today! All homes before 2012 can be dangerous to your children as they may lack childproof receptacles. With standard receptacles, children are able to stick metal objects in them and get hurt.

    The good news is that someone invented the childproof outlet. These outlets are also known or referred to as tamper proof or tamper resistant receptacles. These outlets were designed with only your children’s safety in mind. Each slot on the outlet must be pushed at the exact same time in order to plug things in. By code, homes of today must have tamper resistant receptacles installed when constructed.

    So if you have children (or will be having children) save yourself the hassle of those little plastic outlet safety things and contact Wieser Electric today at 613-985-0046. We proudly service Kingston and the surrounding area. You can also use our online request form to submit an appointment request.

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