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Wieser Electric is your local full service residential and commercial licensed electrical contractor. We specialize in safety inspections basement renovations repairs for home buyers and sellers.

this image shows company owner, David Weiser smilingOwner David Wieser is originally from Vancouver, BC. In 1993 he joined the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada as an Infanteer in the Primary Reserves. Having been 350+ pounds when he was 19, this was quite a change to a sedentary and fast food lifestyle, until he decided to lose a bit of weight (100 pounds) on June 21st, 1991.

Growing Interest in Electric

In 2000, seeking a career to support a family and expressing an interest in wiring, David was prompted by his girlfriend, Miss Katherine Thompson, to get in touch with his uncle, a prominent electrician in Vancouver, BC, to discuss the process in becoming an electrician. After completing the paperwork and prerequisites, David enrolled into the Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology Airport Campus. That’s where he learned how to magnetise tools with a roll of RW90 and 120 volts.

During his Pre-­Apprentice course at BCIT, David discovered that the Canadian Forces employed electricians, as Electrical Distribution Technicians (ED Tech) and decided to coordinate his military and civilian career by joining 192 Airfield Engineering Flight Abbotsford (currently Construction Engineering Flight). After a long 11 months, David was out working as an apprentice electrician working on high rises in Downtown Vancouver. Soon after, he was accepted by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 213 and went across the street to work on another highrise!

David had the opportunity to work at several Petro-Chemical plants throughout the lower mainland which was a tremendous experience, such as working at the Chevron refinery expansion in Burnaby. He learned about workplace safety, daily safety inspections, and watched the most memorable, the Remember Charlie video, at the refinery. Chevron paid everyone’s wages for an hour to watch the film and have a discussion about it afterwards. If you haven’t seen it ask your employer. You will never forget this video.

Becoming a Regular Force Electrician

While completing both a civilian and military electrical apprenticeship concurrently, David decided to join the Regular Force soon after joining 192 AEF Abbotsford. Fortunately, his paperwork was lost on a desk in Ottawa and it took three years to join. Having completed his apprenticeship, David came into sign the paperwork and was informed “You now know enough to know that you don’t know.” In other words, you are always learning and you don’t know everything!

Finally, David got an offer and was posted to Winnipeg, Manitoba at 17 Wing Winnipeg. On that same day in February 2005, David became a Red Seal Journeyman Electrician. David and Katherine finally got married on September 3rd, 2005 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In Winnipeg, David had the opportunity to change a lot of light bulbs and ballasts! There were also numerous projects and deployments. During that time, he took the Red River College’s Electrical Contractor’s Licence preparatory course. He subsequently wrote and obtained a City of Winnipeg Electrical Contractor Licence, equivalent to a Master Electrician Licence in Ontario. David then became an Electrical Contractor in 2008 to service the residents of Winnipeg.

Travelling Overseas For Work

His daughter, Sarah, was born in 2007. After Sarah’s birth, David quickly fell ill, was given an IV for a few hours then took to the couch for a few days, leaving Katherine and Sarah in the hospital. While serving with Construction Engineering in Winnipeg, David went to Wainwright several times, in preparation for serving overseas. The first time with 171 CEF and the second time with 1 Combat Engineer Regiment (1 CER), with whom he deployed with in October 2009 for Task Force 3/­09 into Kandahar, Afghanistan. In Kandahar, David travelled the province with Mobile Construction Team. He and his team were deployed to make the living and working conditions of the local more tolerable and SAFE!

After returning from the war zone, David created the Bicycle Valet service for Winnipeg and also founded Bicycle Valet Winnipeg. It was an absolute hit among It Winnipegers and is still a growing project. It is now operated as a project of Bike to the Future (now Bike Winnipeg). David once used to be Bike Winnipeg’s director. After a 7 ­1/2 year posting to Winnipeg, David was promoted to Master Corporal and posted to 2 CER in CFB Petawawa.

In 2017, David was promoted to Sergeant and posted to CFB Kingston, where he joined 1 Engineer Support Unit (1 ESU). He travelled across Canada and the world as part of our unique Specialist Engineering Teams.

Starting His Business Venture – Wieser Electric

David wanted to continue his second career as a Licensed Electrical Contractor and thought of starting his own venture, Wieser Electric. He studied to earn his Master Electrician Licence for the Province of Ontario. David received his licence in January 2013 and is now operating Wieser Electric in Kingston, Ontario.

Wieser Electric is now open for business, serving residential and commercial customers in Kingston and Frontenac County. We offer a range of electrician services in Kingston including electrical repairs, Tesla wall connector installation, and landscape lighting.

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